Electric Cars are Not Selling as Expected

With the world being more conscientious about the environment and the planet’s natural resources running low you would expect that the electric cars market will rise and thrive but from some reason it isn’t.

Rumors and  testimonies are drawing a glum picture. It seems that there’s a large gap between the vision of moving forward to an electric car market and reality itself. Large car manufacturers are pointing out that people are just not ready yet to buy an electric car, due to reasons such as driving range and time duration to power up the chargers.

If we take for some of the world’s leading car manufactures as an example, we can spot that they are not selling as expected and even cutting some losses. When Toyota released their Toyota plug in hybrid they’ve stated that they believe that the combination of a plug in hybrid car is more suitable than a electric car, and just be on the safe side they only produce small amounts of this model.

Nissan is also one of electric cars manufacturers and recently they’ve admitted that their Nissan Leaf sales are not keeping up with the company’s expectations. So far this year they’ve sold a little more then 5000 cars which is 28% less from last year sales, but this is not the last of their worries since these day they are facing a lawsuit for an incorrect driving range for this model. The company is advertising that the car can reach up to 160 km with every charge of 100% battery but in reality you can only reach 80% of that distance.

Leaf’s main competitor,  GM’s Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars are Not Selling as Expected. Volt is not doing so great either, although its selling  is much better than Nissan in this category; they are still much lower than the projections, two years after the start of marketing this car to the world. If you ask General Motors about this matter, they will not confirm this in full, but they will admit that the car isn’t one of the company’s best selling models.

All that is left to say after this rather depressing status update is that we hope that in the years to come this trend will change and we will see more electric cars on our road; after all, if they are better for the environment; they are better for us.