Jaguar’s F-Type Roadster – The Most Beautiful Car in The World

When Jaguar’s E-type was first introduced to the world over 50 years ago, Enzo Ferrari said that it is the most beautiful car in the world. Beyond the E-type’s mesmerizing beauty, it  provided a strong engine with a speedometer of 240 km/h which was not common 50 years ago.

Over the last few years Jaguar leaned towards making a car which gives an amazing driving experience, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that they’ve revealed this two seat beauty in the Paris Motor Show.

The F-Type Roadster has a lot riding on its shoulders;  this model is destined to inherit  the legendary E-type and hopefully to restore it’s massive success. Jaguar kept the cards close to their chest when it came to releasing information about this car so when the official release time will come it will make a big splash as possible. Performance wise this car is fast; the car holds a supercharged V6 engine which delivers a total of 340 HP and 332 ft-lbs of torque at 3,500-5,500 rpm. The starting price for the F-Type Roadster is $69,000; the F-Type S starts from $81,000 and the F-Type V8 S at $92,000.