Meet The World’s Smallest Motorized Vehicle

You don’t need to be an expert in vehicles and transportation to notice that in the past few years there has been a great change in the way people see urban transit.  The powered scooters and bicycles have become a familiar view in every busy city street view nowadays.

Its was only a matter of time until someone came up with the idea of creating the world’s smallest motor vehicle. Two students from Stanford university created this world’s smallest booster that can reach speeds around 20mph, and will get you anywhere, as long as it’s just a short distance away. The electric skateboard comes in handy for those “tweener” destinations – too close to bother getting the car out of the perfect parking spot, but still a bother to walk to.

One of the known problems with these electric skateboards is there sizes and weight. A lot of manufacturers are trying to come up with the perfect urban skateboard that will  help us cover short distances, but so far this Booster Board is the best one since it weighs between 12 and 15 pounds.

So far what you’re seeing is an prototype , and before this awesome scooter will be available to all, its creators need to raise some money and work out a few glitches, but I’m sure once its out its going to be very popular.