Wireless Car Crime is now a Reality

Keyless car systems are certainly very comfortable. Just click a code, you’re in, and ready to role. Obviously, as techonological gadgets make life for us more comfortable, so does it for people trying to take advantage of others.

For anyone who’s has bought his car after 2010 or installed his keyless entry systems after that year, you’re probably, relatively safe. Rolling codes make sure that the codes change on a regular basis.

This isn’t some sort of epidemic across the country, but a case in Chicago, which was caught on film; Michael Shin’s home security video, which showed his car getting robbed and left without any sign of entry. Just a man pressing a button, doing his “work” and walking out.

Wireless signal experts think some car thieves have cracked security codes, so they are able to send the same unlock signal that an owner’s key transmitter uses.

It’s quite possible that they already decrypted the code, they actually have the key of the car, so they can open it any time they want.